Disroot is maintained by a small group of volunteers based in Amsterdam.

We originally created disroot out of personal need = we were looking for software that we could use to communicate, share and organize within our community. Most of the available solutions were missing the key elements that we find so important; Our tools should be open, decentralized , federated and respectful towards freedom and privacy .

So we searched and we found some really good projects out there, project that should be available to anyone who values these principals. We chose few to bundle together for public use; Email, forum, file sharing, chat, collaborative text editing and a social network.

However, we don't seek to be your everyday sterile service provider. By running Disroot we want to give a hand to turn the tables on how users typically interact on the web. We want to encourage people to use those services - may it be on our platform or on another (or just host your own) - with the goal of forming a network where users can easily interact with one another rather then being closed off in one eco-system.





With federation we can connect to other nodes (= servers hosting similar services) and interact with them. Just like the way you use email, you can choose your server or set up your own, and still exchange emails with a friend using another email provider. This sets up the backdrop for a huge network that depends on a rather simple infrastructure and very low costs. Any machine can become a server and be an equal participant of that network. From a small desktop computer at your home to a dedicated server or racks with multiple servers. This approach gives a possibility to create the biggest truly independent, user owned network.


Decentralization and distribution

 Most social networks are run from centralized servers owned and run by a corporation. These store all the private data of their users. This information can be lost or hacked, and like any system with a bottleneck, any problem at the central servers can make the whole network run very slowly, or not at all. It is also more easy for governments to “listen in.”
We do not intend for Disroot become one centralised project but a part of a larger community. One node of many. We hope others will be inspired to create more instances of such collections of services.


Software can be created and shaped into anything. Think about it for a few minutes. Every button, every color and every link that we see and use on the web was put there by someone. As non technical users we don't see - and sometimes don't care about - much of what happens behind the interface we use. We connect with other people, we store our files, organize meetings and festivals, send emails or chat for hours and it all happens magically.

For a few decades now information has been more and more important and one of the reasons is because it is so damn easy to collect it and use it at will. We, as users, are used to being analyzed, accepting terms and conditions for "our own good", pleading to authority to solve our problems (and to coincidentally justify rules that are forced onto us). We all have been pushed and locked in by big corporations offering their "free services" while those companies generate gigantic profits off their users data.

Own your own data:

Many networks use your data to make money by analyzing your interactions and using this information to advertise things to you. Disroot doesn't use your data for any purpose other than allowing you to connect and use the service.
Your files on the cloud are encrypted with your user password, every bin-paste and file uplaoded on lufi service is client side encrypted too, meaning that even server administrators have no access to your data. Whenever there is a possibility for encryption, we enable it and if it's not possible, we advice to use external encryption software. Less we as admins know about your data the better :D. (Tip of the day: Never loose your password!)

Transparency and openness

In disroot we use 100% free and open source software. This sets us apart form coprorate/commercial software out there.
We want to be fully transparent and open towards our users. Both financially and informative about the development of the service.