Domain Linking Request

Fill in this form if you would like to use your own domain for Email aliases and/or xmpp chat.

Make sure you followed all the steps needed before you request your domain. Care about your and our time. We review all pending requests once every week so be patient. We will get back to you as soon as we process your request.

User and domain details:

Provide details about your account and domain you want to link to our servers.

Alias information

Using aliases allows you to create multiple identities for your Disroot account which can be used with your custom domain (eg. or Remember that those are still connected to your single account and you can have maximum of 5 per account. If you want to add additional user accounts to make use of your domain, you need to contact us via email or add additional accounts and aliases you want to add to them in description below. Any additional aliases or changes need to be requested by contacting support until automated solution is provided.

Donation details

Please provide below details on the donation you have made. Please make sure you do it before you request the domain linking feature. This information will be removed the moment your request is processed.