All group requests are currently put on hold due to pending issues.

You can still write to us so we can let you know when it is available again.

Disroot for groups


Disroot for groups is a new service aimed at a varaiety of organizations, collectives and communities. We've created a setup where group owners can easily manage their users (create, delete* and modify). Furthermore, we have implemented group's functionalities for most of the services we host. This means that members of a gorup can share, chat and communicate among each other automatically. We are also working closely with groups to tailor to their needs and expectations.


Key features

  • Autonamous user management; admins of groups can add new users, modify existing ones and request deletion or removal from the gorup.
  • Disroot services can be linked to your domain (,
  • Disroot can handle your E-mail using your domain ( that includes your administrative E-mail accounts (
  • You can request email aliases to be assigned to any of your E-mail accounts (still in planning: providing interface for group admin to manage email aliases)
  • Every new user that is created by group admin is added to the group (meaning it has access to shared folders of the gorup, gets added to contact lists, gets added to chat roster, gets added to the forum group)
  • Every group gets its own forum space which can be public or private


We want to work closely with each of the groups using Disroot services, to provide them with the work environment that fits them best.

Run your own disroot instance?

If your organisation prefers a locally run disroot instance, we can help. We can provide installation guidence, or install it for you. Please contact us for more details.

If you are looking for someone to maintain (update, support) your installation we can handle that via another initiative we are running (some costs may apply, more information via email).


Disroot depends on user donation to exist and grow. To be able to host even more users we depend on people's contribution.

Individual contributions are great but far from enough to cover all expenses, due to their irregular nature. Organized groups often have the means to give financial support on a monthly basis. It can be small or big depending the group's financial situation and the group-specific customization. We can help and think together what will be the ideal contribution taking in consideration your group's needs (shared group space, custom requests, extra work spent on your setup) and our own infrastructure requirements.

We hope you understand that by contributing to the project you make it possible for others to use it too.