Disroot provides secure email accounts for your desktop client or via a web interface.
The communication between you and the mail server is encrypted with SSL, providing as much privacy as possible. Furthermore, all the emails being sent out from our server are encrypted as well (TLS) if the recipients email server supports it. This means that emails are no longer sent as traditional "postcard", but are actuality put in an "envelope".

Nevertheless, we encourage you to always be cautious when using email communication, and when you do - make use of GPG encryption to ensure your correspondence is safer.

IMAP: disroot.org | SSL Port 993 | Authentication: Normal Password

SMTP: disroot.org | STARTTLS Port 587 | Authentication: Normal Password

POP: disroot.org | SSL Port 995 | Authentication: Normal Password

What is encryption


Encryption is when you change data with a special encoding process so that the data becomes unrecognizable (it's encrypted).  You can then apply a special decoding process and you will get the original data back.  By keeping the decoding process a secret, nobody else can recover the original data from the encrypted data.

One method of encryption uses a private key and a public key.  The principle is that there are two processes that decode each other (if you encode with the private key, you can decode with the public key and vice-versa).  Your private key is kept private, but you can give your public key to everybody.  This allows two things: people can encrypt messages with your public key so that you'll be the only one able to decode them, and you are able to "sign" message by encrypting them with your private key.  As your public key can decode the message, everyone will know it was encoded with your private key so it can only come from you.



RainLoop is a modern approach to web-mail. Looking fresh and simple, yet provides you with most of the features one could expect from web-mail:

  • Themes - Select you background picture.
  • Layout - Decide how you want to view your emails (vertical split / horizontal split/ no split).
  • Thread - Display conversations in a threaded mode.
  • Identities - Manage your identities (especially helpful when using more then one email address).
  • Filters - Set up rules to automatically move or copy email to specific folders, forward or reject emails.
  • Folders - Manage your folders (add, remove, or hide).
  • GPG Encryption -  The RainLoop web-client offers built in encryption option.*

*Please be aware that this is a server side encryption, which means you don't have control on your secret key. This is not as safe as using desktop email client, such as Thunderbird, with local encryption. But then again, it is better than not using any encryption at all...

Mail client setup


There are plenty of E-mail clients for desktop or mobile devices, using those is usually much more convenient then login in to the web-client every time. Below we mention just a few, but similar configuration applies to most of email clients out there:

Check the settings on top of this page (on blue background) to set up your disroot email on your device. These settings are standard information that tells your email client how to reach disroot's email server.