Decentralized and federated Chat protocol

Communicate with your friends using a standardized, open and federated chat protocol with the ability to encrypt your communication. Matrix is a network of servers providing chat and video/audio call solution for thousands of people across multiple servers. Just like XMPP, with matrix you are not bound to one service provider, contrary to services such as whatsapp, skype, signal, slack and many others. In fact, the main idea behind matrix is to create platform where all people can communicate with each other regardless to their communicator of choice. Matrix is still a young project but it is developing rapidly.

Project homepage:

Source code


Since matrix is only a protocol, it needs clients (apps) to be able to communicate with users. There is plenty of clients already available and more to come. The main, most feature rich client recommended by Disroot is "RIOT".

Make sure you change the Home Server URL to through Custom Server option when loging in. You can leave the Identity Server blank or you can use it to upload your email/phone details so it's easier for your friends and affiliets to find you(Note: the identity server is a centralized storage point hosted by project)

For alternative matrix clients look here:

Feature highlights:

Audio video calls

One to One p2p Audio / video calls using WebRTC technology (RIOT clients only)

End to end encryption

Communicate with other matrix users using state of art [recently audited] end-to-end encryption using Olm cryptographic ratchet implementation. This means nobody (not even Disroot administrators) can intercept your conversations when encryption is enabled in your room.


Setup various bots to enhance your chats (RSS BOT, Guggy, Giphy and more). Possibility to hook up any other compatible bot to your room. There are bots that can read you news, tell a joke, show you a weather report, remind you of things etc. possibilities are endless.


One of the most awesome feature of matrix is its bridges. Bridges establish connection between other chat systems and bring them all together into one room, so that people can intercommunicate with one another while using their chat app of choice. Currently supported bridges on Disroot are: IRC, Slack and Gitter. There is more to come so keep your eyes open for announcements:


!NEW! Pin small form-factor webapps into a Matrix room. Widgets let you embed practically any website (that allows embedding) onto your room. Graphs, pads, video conferences, notes, lists, even a pages of cute cats. This feature is still in its early stages of development