Project management board

Disroot's Project board is a project management tool powered by Taiga, working with agile methodology in mind. It creates a clear, visual overview of the current state of your project to anyone involved. It makes planning very easy and it keeps you and your team focused on tasks. Simply create a project, invite your group members, create tasks and put them on the board. Decide who will take responsibility for the tasks, follow progress, comment, decide and see your project flourish.

Disroot Board: https://board.disroot.org

Project homepage: https://taiga.io/

Source code: https://github.com/taigaio

Taiga's features highlights:

Kanban board

For those unfamiliar with project management tools and scrum, we advice to choose simple Kanban template (Todo > In progress > Done). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanban

Scrum Project

With backlog, sprint planning, user story points and all the other goodies every Scrum project needs. Software development

Issue board

Place where you can collect all the issues, suggestions, problems etc. and work collectively to resolve them.


Document your work with integrated wiki.


Bundle tasks into epics that you can accomplish over time even across multiple projects.