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Important! - Due to security vulnerability we have switched to different Webmail software!

Dear Disrooters,

Due to published security vulnerability in the webmail software we use we have made a quick decision to migrate to a new piece of software based on Rainloop. Since we had to act fast, we had no time to properly test new software and prepare of all possible edge cases out there....

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Major outage - Mail, Nextcloud, XMPP

Yesterday, on the 30th of January, we had performed some maintenance work in the datacenter. Main task was replacement of a faulty raid controller cache battery which broke few days before. Although the procedure went as planned, during the reboot process of the server, which was needed in order to...

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DisNews #4 - Performance Nextcloud; Framadate et Ethercalc; Domaines personnalisés et XMPP; Lacre.io; fe.disroot.org

Salut les Disrooters !

Nous vous souhaitons à tous une bonne et heureuse année ! Ne parlons pas de la folie qui règne dans le monde et de l'avenir sombre qui s'annonce. Concentrons-nous plutôt sur les bonnes choses de la vie. Imaginez-vous assis dans un jacuzzi (ou dans une piscine froide si vous...

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DisNews #3 - Lacre progress; Custom domain linking; New dashboard; Muppeth's quitting; 3rd volunteer fee

Hi there Disrooters.

You have not heard from us in a while. In fact this post has been drafted already in August but as always (just realized this happens way too often lately), life came in the way and things got slightly delayed before we realized we should perhaps send this out. So pretend you ...

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DisNews #2 - Yearly report; Moving to gitea; lacre.io; Ansible and gitea;

Two months has passed since our last newsletter. As always, ton of things to share with all of you.

Yearly report

Something we wanted to avoid this year but looks like it's a new tradition. Seems like January was just last week, but we are at the end of May. Here, our last year's report publishe...

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