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Roadmap Q4 2020

Hello again. We are round the corner to 2021 which hopefully will be much better than the nightmare that has been this year.

It's been a while since the last post again. Somehow weeks are passing like days this year and in the mist of all the work both in Disroot and our professional and personal...

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Nuova tabella di marcia 2020

Ciao Disrooter! State tutti bene, riposati e preparati per il nuovo anno? Noi lo siamo e siamo pure belli carichi! Prima di tutto però vogliamo pianificare l'anno e capire su quali fronti impegnarci nei prossimi mesi.

I piani per il 2020

Come sempre abbiamo piani ambiziosi e abbiamo identificato...

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Demise of Diaspora

For the past year our interest in Diaspora as a social network solution has been declining. We knew that at one point there will come the time to make the decision about the future of our pod on the federation map. The moment has come to face the inevitable and to announce that we will be phasing...

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Fuoco, acqua e ghiaccio

[Sprint 49 - Changement de saison]

Che montagne russe le ultime settimane!

Siamo partiti da un gigantesco fuoco che ha attaccato il nostro server nelle ultime due settimane e mezzo. Il tutto è stato causato dall'aggiornamento di PHP (il backend che alimenta il nostro servizio Nextcloud). Sapev...

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Roadmap and new wave of FLOSS donations, git and new front page

(Sprint 44-45-46)

This blogpost has been overdue for two months! Somehow, even though it was drafted it kept on being pushed down the priority list into the abyss of forgotten tasks. Time to dig it out and post a portion of things we've been working on lately.

Roadmap Q4 2019

We start with im...

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