Transparency plays a big role here in disroot.
We want to be open about our plans, ideas and current progress.

We also want to encourage contributions to the project.
Therefore, we've setup a bunch of tools to make it easy for anyone to follow disroot development, and also take active part in discussing, reporting issues and submitting ideas and fixes.

puzzle-pieceHow do we work?

We are working in sprints. Every sprint takes three weeks. In the beginning of the sprint, we sit together and decide which tasks have priority and should be added to the current board. Then within the period of three weeks we are doing our best to accomplish as much as we can. Once the time is up, we close the sprint, move unfinished tasks back on the backlog pile, and post a message via all the channels (forum, mail, diaspora, blog post) about the recent changes and new developments on disroot platform.

eyeHow can I see what is happening?

You can see our current progress here

bugHow to submit bugs, suggestions, ideas?

  • You can submit any issue on our issue board
  • Or start a thread on the forum 
  • You can also contact us via email  support _at_
  • Or use any other means mentioned in the contact page