A Modern approach to discussion forums.

Disroot's forum is powered by Discourse. Discourse is a fully open-source modern approach to discussion forums. It offers everything your community, group or collective needs to create their communication platform, both public and private. It also gives possibility for individuals to create topics on subjects of their interest and find others to discuss it with, or simply join already existing community.

Disroot Forum: https://forum.disroot.org

Project Homepage: http://discourse.org

Source code: https://github.com/discourse/discourse

Feature highlights:

Mailing list and forum in one

Next to a full functioning forum, Discourse can be also used as a mailing-list. You can start new topics and reply by sending an email. There is no need to even login to the web interface, you can use it just like traditional mailinglist

Mobile friendly interface

With a built in mobile layout, you don't need an external app on your mobile.

Public vs. private groups

You can start public or private forum groups that are self moderated. As a group administrator you will be able to manage who will participate in your forum group.

A nice user interface:

The user interface is very practical:

  • Dynamic notifications will give you heads up whenever someone replies to your post, quotes you or mentiones your name, and if you aren't online, you'll get a notification via email.
  • No more discussions that are split into pages, the thread reveals while you scroll down.
  • Reply while you still read. With split screen you can still read other replies or threads, and dynamically add quotes, links and references.
  • Real time updates. If a topic changes while you are reading or responding to it, or new replies arrive, it will update automatically.
  • Search from any page – just start typing and get results instantly as you type.