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DisNews #4 - Performance Nextcloud; Framadate et Ethercalc; Domaines personnalisés et XMPP; Lacre.io; fe.disroot.org

Salut les Disrooters !

Nous vous souhaitons à tous une bonne et heureuse année ! Ne parlons pas de la folie qui règne dans le monde et de l'avenir sombre qui s'annonce. Concentrons-nous plutôt sur les bonnes choses de la vie. Imaginez-vous assis dans un jacuzzi (ou dans une piscine froide si vous...

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Discontinuing RSS service

Ok, this one is probably going to annoy some of you, but hopefully our argument will be convincing.

We have decided to stop offering Nextcloud News (RSS reader) or any alternative online RSS reader.

The reason for this decision is purely the hardware resources needed to maintain it and the fact...

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Ufff... finally End of 2020

Happy Solstice

And what a year it was! There is no point in emphasizing how this year sucked for all of us and how everything seems to be upside down around the world. Let's just focus on positive stuff and enjoy the last days of the year.

We would like to wish you all a great celebrations and a...

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Time to switch some lights off

Switching off Matrix and Diaspora.


As you might remember, two years ago we have decided to no longer provide Matrix as a service (Blog post). Reason for that decision, apart from a growing un-addressed privacy concerns, was also the huge server resources needed to operate what is essent...

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Using Nextcloud Deck

Hello Disrooters:

Since I've been using Nextcloud Deck privately for several months now, and most serious bugs have been fixed (there were some problems interacting with the quite new Android app), I think it’s a good moment to give the Community a short overview.

What is Deck?


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