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DisNews #4 - Nextcloud performance; Framadate and Ethercalc; Custom domains and XMPP; Lacre.io; fe.disroot.org

Hi there Disrooters!

We would like to wish you all a happy new year! Let's not mention how crazy the world has become and how gloomy the future is shaping up to be. Let's focus on the good things in life instead. Imagine yourself sitting in a hot-tub outside (or a cold pool if you happen to be in...

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[Sprint 3-4] – New services, New features, Future plans

Dear disrooters,

Last weeks we were busy adding new services and features to the disroot platform. At this moment we have all the services we were planning to host (at least for now) set up and ready to use. We have one more project in mind (loomio.org) but we’ll consider it more seriously somewhe...

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