Transparency plays a big role here in Disroot. We want to be open about our plans, ideas and current progress.

We also want to encourage contributions to the project from disroot community. Therefore, we've setup a bunch of tools to make it easy for anyone to follow Disroot's development, and also take an active part in discussing, reporting issues and submitting ideas and fixes.

How do we work?

We've chosen agile methodology as a starting point. We are working in sprints. Every sprint takes four weeks. In the beginning of the sprint, we sit together and decide which tasks have priority and should be added to the current task-board. Then within the period of four weeks we are doing our best to accomplish as much as we can. Once the time is up, we close the sprint, move unfinished tasks back on the backlog pile, and post a message via all the channels (forum, diaspora, mastodon, blog post) about the recent changes and new developments on the Disroot platform.

Additionally once a year we send out our annual report which is a summary of what has been done in the past year, what were the costs and income for the entire year and our estimated budget and plans for the following year.

How can I see what is happening?

The best way to see what are we currently busy with, what we've done so far and what we are planning for the future is to follow our project board here. 

You can see current progress here.
For the list of issues: here

How can I help?

There are many ways to become active and contribute to the Disroot project.

Submit and track bugs

No matter if you've been using Disroot for long or just joined in, reporting bugs is something you can always do. So if you discover something that doesn't look quite right or doesn't function as it should - lets us know by making an issue on Taiga.

Submit features

You can also use Taiga to let us know which new features you would like to see in the future.

Discuss things on forum

Before sending us an email with questions or issues, search the forum to see if an answer is already there. If you still cannot find a solution to you problem post your question in the Support section in the forum. In most cases other Disrooters will be able to answer your question, which is of great benefit to all; Chance are you will be answered quicker, we will have fewer emails to deal with and most importantly, more people will be able to see the thread when they run across similar issue.

Help solve other peoples issues

If you are using Disroot for some time now, you are familiar with the platform or had to solve some issues before, then you can be of huge help to others who are struggling to find their way around all the features. It is also a huge help for us if more Disrooters help answering questions and solving minor problems for others. it means the workload is better spread and replies can appear faster. Start watching the Disroot forum and our matrix channel to see how you can if anyone needs help.

Help us with howto's

We have already written quite some guides and tutorials to assist people who want to move their online presence to Disroot, but there is still a long way ahead before we manage to cover all the aspects of the provided services, for all possible devices and operating systems. We need more howto writers if we wish to create a universal documentation that can be used to get familiar with the Disroot environment and other self-hosted platforms. 

Donate money

And last but not least, financial support is always needed, so don't be afraid throwing a briefcase full with dollars our way. and if that's too much, remember that every penny counts and if you decide to "buy us coffee" on regular basis, it would be awesome. For more details, check here