Frequently Asked Questions


  • Dis'root': To tear up the roots of, or by the roots; hence, to tear from a foundation; to uproot.

  • The admins and maintainers of Disroot use it daily and depend on it as their main communication tool. We intend to keep it going for a very long time.

  • We do not keep track of active users so we can't answer this question. Besides, we consider that is not by any means a way to measure the platform's health. User numbers are susceptible to manipulation for many reasons, wow factor and to satisfy investors, for example. Since the platform purposes have nothing to do with any of that, we see no point in giving false or manipulated statistics about it.


  • In order to reset your password, you need to have security questions and/or a recovery email set up. If this is the case, then go here and click on 'Forgotten password'.

    If you haven't set any of these options, then there's nothing else you can do, but register a new account.

  • It is very likely that you’re incorrectly entering:

    • your username (remember it’s just the username, without the domain), or...
    • your password (remember it’s case sensitive).

  • It is probably because you've changed your password recently. Since Nextcloud uses the user password to generate the encryption keys, it’s necessary to regenerate them from your new password. To do so, you must:

    1. log in to the cloud
    2. select Personal from the menu
    3. scroll down to the Basic encryption module and type in your old password
    4. then the new one and
    5. finally click Update Private Key Password

    After login out and back into the cloud again you should see your files and the message should have disappeared.

    If you don't remember your old password, it's still possible to reset the account but it won't be possible to recover any files on the cloud as they are encrypted with the old key. What you have to do is to remove all files from Nextcloud (this does not include calendars, contacts, etc., just files), and to contact us ( We will then proceed wiping the key so the new key pair based on your current password can be re-generated automatically upon new login.

  • No. We do not to expire unused accounts. However we appreciate when people take responsibility for their account, and its impact on the Disroot resources, and request account deletion when they decide not to use our services any longer.

  • To delete your Disroot account log in to and select 'Delete My Account'.

    Accounts and their data are wiped on daily.

  • Log in to and select 'Change Password'.

    You will also need to change your password on Nextcloud to be able to access your files, which are encrypted using your password. To do it, follow the steps as described in the answer to 'I get an 'Invalid private key for encryption app' message' or check this tutorial.


  • Your account allows you to use the following services with the same username and password:

    • Email
    • Cloud
    • Forum
    • Chat
    • Project Board

    The rest of the services (Pads, PasteBin, Upload, Search, Polls) don’t require any registration.

  • You can use it any way you want, except for commercial purposes or for sending Spam. To get a better idea of what you can and can’t do with it, please, read paragraphs 10 and 11 from our Terms of Service

  • The mailbox size limit is 1GB and attachment size limit is 50MB.

    Cloud storage is 2GB.

    It's possible to extend your cloud and mail storage. Check the options here

  • Yes. And there is multiple ways to be up-to-date with all issues, maintenance and general health information about the platform.

    • Visit
    • Follow (the fediverse again...)
    • Join (XMPP)
    • Install DisApp, Disroot's Android app where you will get realtime notifications


  • Yes, you can use it for the Cloud. But, before you enable it, make sure you fully understand how it works and how to use it. For more information, go here

  • Currently, end-to-end encryption is disabled due to long standing bug with Nextcloud desktop app.


  • Disroot provides so-called IRC gateway. This means you can join any IRC room hosted on any IRC server. This is the basic address schema:

    1. To join an IRC room:
    2. To add an IRC contact:

    Where #room is the IRC room you want to join and irc.domain.tld is the irc server address you want to join. Make sure to leave as it is because it's the IRC gateways address.