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Disroot joins the Matrix network

For the last sprint of the year we decided to focus on improving instant messaging. We’ve been big enthusiasts of XMPP as the best solution for chatting, since like… forever. The obvious perks of XMPP are federation and decentralization. There are plenty of XMPP service providers and setting up...

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[Sprint 11 – 12] – Server migration; Operation ‘Nextcloud’

Hi there.
It’s been a while since you heard form us about what’s new in disroot. Don’t think we were lazy doing nothing, in fact we were extremely busy the last months finishing the most important and time consuming tasks of this year.

Disroot is 1 year old!

We would like to celebrate with you...

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Disroot goes Nextcloud

Some weeks ago the open source community around ownCloud was surprised to hear many of the core developers, including one of the founders have decided to part ways with ownCloud inc. Frank Karlitschek announced it first on his blog (http://karlitschek.de/2016/04/big-changes-i-am-leaving-owncloud-in...

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Oops… We overslept with SSL certificate renewal.

Ehhhh SSL.

As we are working on writing Ansible roles to automate most of the work done on disroot platform. We thought it’s great opportunity to update all our HTTPS certificates with letsencrypt. Last week we started implementing Letsencrypt ansible role on disroot platform, not realising our...

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[Sprint 7] – Ethercalc, Owncloud9, starting on TOS, Disroot testers

Dear Disrooters,

Spring is here! At least in Amsterdam.. Everything is waking up and life is pumping back into everything.
We are very happy to announce the long awaiting changes finally here to welcome this new season. Apart from updating all Disroot applications to the latest versions, we’ve al...

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