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[Sprint 5-6] – New website, Disroot for groups

Dear Disrooters,

First, we would still like to wish you all a happy new year. The last 6 months have been a blast for us. A lot of hard work went into the Disroot project but it sure was seasoned with many fun challenges too. We would like to thank you all for using Disroot, testing it and sending...

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[Sprint 3-4] – New services, New features, Future plans

Dear disrooters,

Last weeks we were busy adding new services and features to the disroot platform. At this moment we have all the services we were planning to host (at least for now) set up and ready to use. We have one more project in mind (loomio.org) but we’ll consider it more seriously somewhe...

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Sprint 1 – First disroot sprint is closed

New Features in mail, forum and owncloud

It’s been a quick week here at disroot. We’ve announced our project to diaspora community making it kind of official. We’ve received quite some positive feedback and constructive criticism for which we are very grateful. Not wasting too much time we jumped...

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Sprint 2 – New logo, donation page, backup system

New logo, donation page, backup system

This sprint have passed really fast. Mostly we did a lot of work on ‘behind the scenes’ functionality such as backup solution, and service monitoring. We also made a start with writing our internal documentation. Antilopa made awesome logo which we will imple...

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Disroot is live

Create account, test, point out bugs, mistakes, and others

Dear users, supporters, friends…

22 days of silence and we are back online. It has been three intensive weeks. Not only because of the amount of work with the new project but also because of great summer weather that was tempting us to s...

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