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Major outage - Mail, Nextcloud, XMPP

Yesterday, on the 30th of January, we had performed some maintenance work in the datacenter. Main task was replacement of a faulty raid controller cache battery which broke few days before. Although the procedure went as planned, during the reboot process of the server, which was needed in order to...

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Fire, water and ice

[Sprint 49 - Changement de saison]

What a roller-coaster the last weeks were!

We start from a gigantic fire that has been eating through our server the past two and half weeks. It was all caused by the upgrade of PHP (the backend that powers our Nextcloud service). We knew it was a problematic...

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Disroot total Blackout

Hi there.

Today Disroot server had a bit of a tumble.
Due to little mistake, our main server became a total zombie. There was no way for us to bring it back to life other then driving 70km to the datacenter to manually restarting it. Server was down at 14:45 and back up at 16:05

We're very sorr...

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