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DisNews #1 - Nuovo core member; finanziamento per le mailbox con crittografia; finestra di manutenzione

Ci siamo lasciati alle spalle i primi tre mesi, ma nonostante le nostre speranze non siamo ancora riusciti a tornare alla normalità. Anzi, sembra che le cose stiano peggiornando e non si vede la luce in fondo al tunnel. Vorremmo quindi inviare un caloroso abbraccio a tutti coloro che si sono dovuti...

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Downtime caused by loose power cable

Those of you who follow our state site probably know we have been migrating all our servers to a new rack cabinet on Sunday. The operation went very smooth and things were back online within an hour.

Sunday around midnight (CET) one of our servers went down shortly. Because of the disk encrypti...

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Microsoft hostility

As of beginning of december 2020, after hundreds of requests we have been finnaly delisted and so email flow to Microsoft owned email services has been restored!.

As some of you might have noticed, Microsoft (owner of Hotmail, Outlook, Live, Office360, etc.) is rejecting all emails or...

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Roadmap Q4 2020

Hello again. We are round the corner to 2021 which hopefully will be much better than the nightmare that has been this year.

It's been a while since the last post again. Somehow weeks are passing like days this year and in the mist of all the work both in Disroot and our professional and personal...

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Time to switch some lights off

Switching off Matrix and Diaspora.


As you might remember, two years ago we have decided to no longer provide Matrix as a service (Blog post). Reason for that decision, apart from a growing un-addressed privacy concerns, was also the huge server resources needed to operate what is essent...

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