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Quarantine with Disroot

Are you bored yet?

Since lots of you (us included) are locked in their houses trying to avoid contact with other human beings, we thought it would be nice to spend this time socializing in front of computer with bunch of strangers you know so well from chats, social federated networks and whom you...

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Nuova tabella di marcia 2020

Ciao Disrooter! State tutti bene, riposati e preparati per il nuovo anno? Noi lo siamo e siamo pure belli carichi! Prima di tutto però vogliamo pianificare l'anno e capire su quali fronti impegnarci nei prossimi mesi.

I piani per il 2020

Come sempre abbiamo piani ambiziosi e abbiamo identificato...

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Demise of Diaspora

For the past year our interest in Diaspora as a social network solution has been declining. We knew that at one point there will come the time to make the decision about the future of our pod on the federation map. The moment has come to face the inevitable and to announce that we will be phasing...

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Buon 2020

Saluti dal Team Disroot a tutti i Disrooter. Speriamo che vi siate divertiti un sacco ieri sera e non vediamo l'ora che arrivi il 2020. Quello appena trascorso è stato un anno pazzo e il 2020 non si prospetta molto diverso. Non vediamo l'ora di affrontarlo e speriamo che pure voi abbiate dei piani f...

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The Phenomenal End of the Year Bonus Alias Challenge

In the last days of this year, when the entire world prepares to greet the light of the new decade, three domains are fighting for the dominance of the beetroot market. Join the battle and choose your Overlord.

From 24th of December until 1st of January, take part in our end of the year fundraisi...

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