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Fuoco, acqua e ghiaccio

[Sprint 49 - Changement de saison]

Che montagne russe le ultime settimane!

Siamo partiti da un gigantesco fuoco che ha attaccato il nostro server nelle ultime due settimane e mezzo. Il tutto è stato causato dall'aggiornamento di PHP (il backend che alimenta il nostro servizio Nextcloud). Sapev...

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Nextcloud - problemi di performance

Come forse avrai notato, al momento la nostra istanza cloud è lenta e instabile. Stiamo collaborando con gli sviluppatori di Nextcloud e con alcune altre istanze interessate da quello che sembra essere un bug. L'obiettivo naturalmente è quello di trovare la causa principare di questo malfunzionament...

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Roadmap and new wave of FLOSS donations, git and new front page

(Sprint 44-45-46)

This blogpost has been overdue for two months! Somehow, even though it was drafted it kept on being pushed down the priority list into the abyss of forgotten tasks. Time to dig it out and post a portion of things we've been working on lately.

Roadmap Q4 2019

We start with im...

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Let's get back to work

(Sprint 43)

Hi there. Well rested? Ate nice food, visited places? Nice. Now get back to work!

Past weeks, as we wrote in the previous blog posts, were full of work. To the point we realized we are taking way too much on our shoulders, which means we tend to start things but not finish them on ti...

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Disroot is 4 years old

And so the journey continues. 4th of August marked the fourth year of Disroot's existance. The little project we created, due to our need for open tools, has now become a full blown platform. This year, although it seemed quiet, has been very busy actually. We have managed to accomplish a lot, b...

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