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DisNews #2 - Yearly report; Moving to gitea; lacre.io; Ansible and gitea;

Two months has passed since our last newsletter. As always, ton of things to share with all of you.

Yearly report

Something we wanted to avoid this year but looks like it's a new tradition. Seems like January was just last week, but we are at the end of May. Here, our last year's report publishe...

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FLISoL 2021

FLISoL Online 2021

The Comunidad Latina de TecnologĂ­as Libres (Latin American Community of Free Technologies), the Club de Software Libre (Free Software Club) and Libera Tu Radio (Free Your Radio) organize and invite you to a new online edition of the FLISoL, Festival Latinoamericano de I...

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Discontinuing RSS service

Ok, this one is probably going to annoy some of you, but hopefully our argument will be convincing.

We have decided to stop offering Nextcloud News (RSS reader) or any alternative online RSS reader.

The reason for this decision is purely the hardware resources needed to maintain it and the fact...

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DisNews #1 - New core member; Mailbox encryption funding; maintenance window

First three months behind us. 2021 has failed to return to normality, despite our globaly shared flase hopes. Seems like things are getting only worse and does not look like thing will change in that regard. We would like to therefore, send our warm hugs to everyone who's been struggling with realit...

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Downtime caused by loose power cable

Those of you who follow our state site probably know we have been migrating all our servers to a new rack cabinet on Sunday. The operation went very smooth and things were back online within an hour.

Sunday around midnight (CET) one of our servers went down shortly. Because of the disk encrypti...

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