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Lacre beta test cancelled

We are sorry to inform that we have decided to postpone this weekend's Lacre test on Disroot. Last weekend, we have unofficially run Lacre on Disroot server. Since all email traffic passes through Lacre regardless whether user uploaded their public key or not, we could observe how Lacre would perfor...

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DisNews #7 - Testing Lacre on Disroot!

Hi there,

As you know, for the past months, we have been busy with Lacre. Open source, GnuPG based mailbox encryption software. @pfm has been working like crazy exceeding the initial plans and bringing the project to the next level. We have now reached milestone allowing us to finally battle tes...

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DisNews #6 - Catchall mail for custom domain; Improving SPAM handling; Roundcube webmail

Hi there Disrooters,
Been a while since you heard from us. The blogpost we have been planning for July got very much delayed. This was due to the fact we had to take care of some personal things as well as resolve some of the most pressing server issues that made it impossible to release planned fe...

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DisNews #5 - New servers; Moving Spam mails; New Prices; Lacre; Chat Control

Hi there Disrooters!

As usual, time flies! We've been quite busy these past months, especially in personal lifes. But we've also managed to have some nice new things around. Let's see them!

New servers

Thanks to all the donations we've received over the past years, we're pleased to tell you th...

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Großer Ausfall - Mail, Nextcloud, XMPP

Gestern, am 30. Januar, haben wir einige Wartungsarbeiten im Datencenter durchgeführt. Hauptaufgabe war das Ersetzen einer fehlerhaften Cache-Batterie eines RAID-Controllers, welche ein paar Tage zuvor kaputtging. Obwohl die Arbeiten wie geplant liefen, wurde während des Rebootvorgangs des Servers,...

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