Decentralized and Federated Instant Messaging

Communicate using a standardized, open and federated chat protocol, with the ability to encrypt your communication with OMEMO protocol (based on encryption method also used by services such as Signal and Matrix). With XMPP you are not bound to one service provider (e.g. Disroot server) but can freely communicate with contacts from other Jabber servers, just like you would communicate between different email servers.

Project homepage: https://xmpp.org
Server implementation: https://prosody.im

Server settings

XMPP ID: yourusername@disroot.org

Advanced settings: server/port disroot.org/5222

Upload file size limit: 512 MB

Archived messages and files expire after 1 month

XMPP Feature highlights:

Use your favorite chat-client

There are a lot of desktop/web/mobile clients to choose from. Pick the one you like the best.


Encrypt everything!

By using OMEMO (GPG or OTR) End-to-End encryption methods on the client side (i.e. on your end), your conversations will reach the recipient of the message without being intercepted by anyone (not even administrators).

1 on 1 chats

Talk freely with any other Disrooter or anyone out there using any XMPP compatible server on the internet. You decide if to store any history of the chat on the server or enable encryption. Usernames on XMPP resemble an email address corresponding with the XMPP server (username@example.com).


With XMPP your can create and join private or public rooms in the network. Rooms address are simple to remember and resemble email mailinglists like: your_room@chat.disroot.org. Additionally you can set various privacy settings per room such as: Whether the room history should be stored on the server, whether the room is publicly searchable and open for anyone to join, you can set admins and moderators for the room and room encryption.

Check the global room list of all the servers that voluntarily submit their public rooms to global directory.

Gateways, Bridges and Transports

XMPP allows for various ways to connect to different chat protocols.

Connect to a IRC room

You can connect to any IRC room hosted on any IRC server via our Biboumi IRC gateway:

  • To join an IRC room: #room%irc.domain.tld@irc.disroot.org
  • To add an IRC contact: contactname%irc.domain.tld@irc.disroot.org

Where #room is the IRC room you want to join and irc.domain.tld is the IRC server address you want to join. Make sure to leave @irc.disroot.org as it is, because it's the IRC gateways address.

Connect to a Matrix room

You can connect to any Matrix room hosted on any Matrix server via Matrix.org bridge:

  • To join a Matrix room: #room#matrix.domain.ldt@matrix.org

Where #room is the Matrix room you want to join and matrix.domain.tld** is the Matrix server address you want to join. Make sure to leave @matrix.org*** as it is, because it's the Matrix bridge address.

To come...

In the future we are planning to run our own Matrix bridge. We also hope to provide a Telegram bridge and a number of other bridges and transports.


Bots are chat accounts that will do things for you. From checking the weather, greeting newcomers, remembering things for you or even making web searches or supplying you with RSS feeds and ton of other useful and those more useless things. We offer number of multipurpose bots based on hubot as well as a dedicated bot server called bot.disroot.org. If you have a bot and you're looking for a home for it, get in touch with us.

Our bot server does not keep any history on the server.