XMPP - Decentralized and federated instant messaging

Communicate with your friends using a standardized, open and federated chat protocol, with the ability to encrypt your communication with OMEMO protocol (based on encryption method also used by services such as Signal and Matrix). With XMPP you are not bound to one service provider (e.g. Disroot XMPP server) but can freely communicate with contacts from other XMPP servers, just like you would communicate between different email servers.

Project homepage: https://prosody.im

Source code

Server settings

Username: Your username

Server: disroot.org

Port: 5222

If you are using a XMPP client (e.g. pidgin, conversations, gajim, dino), you will need the above mentioned settings.

XMPP Feature highlights:

Use your favorite chat-client

There is a lot of desktop/web/mobile clients to choose from. You can pick the one you like the best. https://xmpp.org/software/clients.html

  • pidgin - multiplaform
  • gajim - multiplatform
  • dino - linux
  • conversations - Android
  • sailfishOS chat - sailfishOS
  • Adium - MacOS
  • ChatSecure - iOS

Encrypt everything!

By using OMEMO encryption methods on the client side (your side), your conversation cannot be intercepted by anyone but the recipient.

Explore chat-rooms

XMPP gives you possibility to create private and public chat-rooms. Created rooms address is your_roomname@chat.disroot.org

List of supported server modules:

  • "**roster**"; -- Allow users to have a roster. Recommended 😉
  • "**saslauth**"; -- Authentication for clients and servers.
  • "**tls**"; -- Add support for secure TLS on c2s/s2s connections
  • "**dialback**"; -- s2s dialback support
  • "**disco**"; -- Service discovery
  • "**bosh**"; -- xmpp over http
  • "**muc**"; -- Multi user Chat (chatrooms)
  • "**http_upload**"; -- upload files via http (file will be deleted after 7 days)
  • "**private**"; -- Private XML storage (for room bookmarks, etc.)
  • "**vcard**"; -- Allow users to set vCards
  • "**privacy**"; -- Support privacy lists
  • "**compression**"; -- Stream compression
  • "**offline**"; -- Store offline messages.
  • "**version**"; -- Replies to server version requests
  • "**uptime**"; -- Report how long server has been running
  • "**time**"; -- Let others know the time here on this server
  • "**ping**"; -- Replies to XMPP pings with pongs
  • "**pep**"; -- Enables users to publish their mood, activity, playing music and more
  • ---
    • "**carbons**"; -- Allow sending messages to multiple devices
    • "**carbons_adhoc**";
    • "**carbons_copies**";
    • "**smacks**"; -- Stream Management
    • "**csi**"; -- Implements Client State Indication
    • "**throttle_presence**"; -- see https://modules.prosody.im/mod_throttle_presence.html
    • "**announce**"; -- Send announcement to all online users
    • "**motd**"; -- Send a message to users when they log in