Disroot's CryptPad is powered by CryptPad. It provides a totally end-to-end encrypted collaborative office suite. It allows you to create, share and work together on text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, whiteboards or organize your project on a kanban board. All this with zero knowledge where data is encrypted before it leaves your computer.

Disroot CryptPad:

Project homepage:

Source code:

Every user gets 500MB storage space for files.

Although CryptPad does not require an account, you can create one if you want to keep all your pads, files, and polls in one place. You will need to create a separate account for CryptPad. Your disroot account won't work!

Add storage to CryptPad

If the FREE 500MB is not enough, you can extend your CryptPad storage.

Here are the prices per year, payment fees included:

5GB ...... 11€
10GB ...... 20€
15GB ...... 29€
30GB ...... 56€
45GB ...... 83€
60GB ...... 110€

Transactions within the EU are subjected to extra VAT (Value Added Tax) of 21%.

CryptPad features:

Rich text pads

Rich text editor allows you to create end-to-end encrypted text files with realtime collaboration feature. Editor allows standard formatting. All pads can be edited with multiple people at the same time.

Realtime spreadsheet

Realtime spreadsheets allow you to create collaborative spreadsheet. Application supports all standard (LibreOffice/MS Office) formatting. All that powered by amazing "Only Office" and allowing for group editing.

End to End Encrypted Form

Form offer you to create and share totally end-to-end encrypted forms.

Encrypted Markdown slides on the fly

Create end-to-end encrypted presentations with easy editor and together with your friends or team members. Your finished presentation can be "played" directly from CryptPad.

Encrypted File storage

Upload and share any file. All stored files are end-to-end encrypted!

Collaborative Code editor

Edit your code together with your team members while having it end-to-end encrypted with zero knowledge server side.

Encrypted simple Todo lists and kanban boards

Easily create, share and manage your encrypted TODO lists and your project kanban boards!


Encrypted white boards allow you to draw in realtime together with others. All end-to-end encrypted!

Encrypted diagramming tool

The Diagram application in CryptPad is an integration of, a diagramming tool used to create and share flowcharts, organizational charts, network diagrams, and more.