Disroot's Git is powered by Forgejo. Forgejo is a community driven, powerful, easy to use and lightweight solution to code hosting and project collaboration. It's build around GIT technology which is the most widely used modern version control system in the world today.

Disroot Git:

Project homepage:

Source code:

You need to create a seperate account on to use this service. Disroot account credentials are not supported.

Forgejo's features highlights:

Easy to use

Check the public repositories, find the one you want to work on and clone it on your computer. Or create your own! You can set it as a public or as a private repository.

Fast and lightweight

Forgejo offers very fast and light experience. No bloated, over-engineered feature set. Only things that are essential to collaborate on your open source project!


Receive emails when an issue was solved, a pull request created, etc.


Use ssh key, two factor authentication and GnuPG to secure your repository.

Issue tracking

Manage issues, feature request and feedback to your projects.

Tags, assignee, milestones, comments

Manage your repository efficiently by easily determining your milestones, sort your issues, discuss and assign your tasks to fellow team members.


Create a wiki to explain your project, and use Markdown.

Mobile app

Manage your project on the go with Android mobile app (available on F-Droid).