Collaborative editing in really real-time

Disroot's pads are powered by Etherpad. A pad is an online text that you can collaboratively edit, in real-time, directly in the web browser. Everybody's changes are instantly reflected on all screens.

Write articles, press releases, to-do lists, etc. together with your friends, fellow students or colleagues.

You don't need any account on Disroot to use this service.

You can use Padland on Android to directly open or create your Disroot's pads on your Android device.

Disroot Pads:

Project homepage:

Source code:

Etherpad Feature highlights:

Color highlighting

All the changes in the text are marked with authorship color assigned to each user in the pad, making it easy to find who edited what.

Text styling

Bold, italic, paragraphs, lists, bullet point lists, etc.


Online chat for all users working on the text.


Review the changes throught out the time with a time slider.

Import / export pads

Import and export pads in various formats (plain-text, HTML, Etherpad, Mediawiki).

Save revisions

Save certain version of your pad.


Save a list of bookmarks of your visited pads locally in the browser's local storage.


A sidebar to add comments that are linked directly to the text.