Disroot's Audio is powered by Mumble. Mumble is a free, open source, low latency, high quality voice chat application. It was originally intended for gamers, but it can be use to organize audio meeting, conference, etc.


You don't need any account to use Mumble. But you have more rights if you register your username.

Project homepage:

Source code:

Mumble's features highlights:

Use your favorite Mumble client

There are clients on desktop/web/mobile.

Official website

An Android client

A fork of Plumble

Easy to use

Download the Mumble app available on your device (desktop, Android or iOS), connect to and you can already start creating an audio channel and talk to people!

Great audio quality

Low-latency and noise suppression, so it is great for talking. You can have about 100 simultaneous participants!

Private and secure

Communications are encrypted, and authentication is by public/private-key by default. If you use the Desktop Mumble software, you can give very specific permissions to your channels, groups and users.

Mobile app

Manage your project on the go with Android mobile app (available on F-Droid) or iOS app.