Domain Linking Request

Fill in this form if you would like to use your own domain for Email aliases.

Please follow these steps to point your domain to our server before you submit the request:
(this will also serve to verify the domain is really owned by you and without that we will not proceed to process your request)

1. Go to the DNS records settings for your domain

- Point MX record to (if you are using your domain currently with other provider, set MX20 or higher)
- Set TXT record to "v=spf1 mx a ptr -all"

2. Start donating

The email aliases feature is offered as a "reward" for regular supporters. By regular supporters we think of those who contribute with, at least, the equivalent of one cup of coffee a month. In order for the 'reward' not becoming the only incentive to donate, we expect to see the donation made before we can enable this feature.

Check donate page to learn more

3. Once we review your request we will contact you to finalize the procedure

Please take time to consider your contribution. If you can 'buy' us one cup of Rio De Janeiro coffee a month that's OK, but If you can afford a Double Decaf Soy Frappuccino With An Extra Shot And Cream a month, then you can really help us keep the Disroot platform running and make sure it is available for free for other people with less means.